You have inner planets and outer planets

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“In Italy, pizza was the food of the poor,” he explains. “It costs almost nothing to make or buy and the idea was that the ‘chew’ in the dough emulated the chew of meat, which a lot of people couldn’t afford. In Naples they describe toppings as a ‘seasoning’ of the bread..

Amazon has the best readers out there. Last fall Kindle Voyage is a premium model with a stunning, high resolution display that makes letters resemble what on a printed page. The main drawback: its $199 price tag (add $20 if you want a regular screensaver rather than ads).

Whether in a t shirt or in your socks, cotton garments might be comfortable, but when cotton gets wet, it stays wet. When you are on the trail, you want sweat and water to escape and evaporate off of your body and your feet. If you happen to get your feet wet, cotton socks will ensure cold, sopping wet feet for the rest of your hike.

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The sun is your website or maybe your brochure. The blog is your personality. You have inner planets and outer planets. 1. Give Them a Red Carpet Arrival. When a celebrity arrives for a movie premiere or a charity function, it’s a big deal! There’s a red carpet.

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